SPLAT! You've just smacked eyeballs-first into Ded Bugs caught in the web! This is the official homepage of the punk-pop band, Ded Bugs. Four dorks from DeSoto with weapons of music destruction!

Welcome to our nest!



Thanx to fans, friends and fellow rock'n'rollers who attended our funeral show at Schlafly! Hope to have a bit of vid footage from the show up soon. Look for Ded Bugs outtakes, b-sides, and/or some live junk to be released in 2015 on my itsy-bitsy label, IBC Shadows Music!

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RFT article: "Ded Bugs celebrates 25 years as a band"

Ded Bugs on Bandcamp

Ded Bugs on iTunes

For additional info regarding Ded Bugs, e-mail splat@dedbugs.com.


Matt Bug:
*Produced and mastered an album for Arnold MO teenage punk rockers, Four Foot Skyscraper. The album is now available on Bandcamp here!
*Producing a full-length album for Soma Jet Set, a band led by E.J. Fitch, formerly of Treeweasels fame!
*Mixing two new Finn's Motel releases. The "Stone Lions" EP is finished and the "Jupiter Rex" LP is currently being mixed!
*Mastered the latest Middle Class Fashion album, "Jungle". It's fantastic! Check it out!
*Mixed/mastered the Whoa Thunder! album. Now available on Bandcamp here!
*Produced four singles for precocious teen rock'n'rollers, Million Hits! All four available on iTunes here!

Jeff Bug:
*Free-lancing his mad art skills!

*Reading more books!
*Lead Vocaling and Bassing for Voodoo Planet!

*Slamming drums for First Jason!
*Making America proud with his best friend, Dan-O in (you guessed it!) BassAmp & Dan-O!
*Randomly being cast into some unforeseen wild adventure at any given moment!

Ded Bug Drink Recipe

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