SPLAT! You've just smacked eyeballs-first into Ded Bugs caught in the web! This is the official homepage of the punk-pop band, Ded Bugs. Four dorks from DeSoto with weapons of music destruction!

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Happy 25th Anniversary... TO US!

It's 2014 and this August Ded Bugs officially turn 25! That was fast! Way way way way back in August 1989, Jeff drove down to DeSoto for who knows what. We ended up goofing off and recording a few songs on my Fostex X-26 4-track cassette recorder (it sounded fancy at the time!) and BAM! A monster was born. To celebrate our silver anniversary, we'll be rocking out more! Next up: We'll be blasting ears at The Demo in St. Louis w/Peelander Z, Fri Mar 28. !!!ALL AGES!!! Click the "SHOWS" button for details.

ALSO! The plan for this year is to upload our entire catalog - vinyl and cassettes included - to BandCamp. I hope to upload one album per month leading up to our August b-day. Our 5th album, "stop and smell the stinking corpse lilies", which has been out of print for over 5 years, was uploaded Feb 1 and is now available for your consumption. All original art included. The link: Ded Bugs: "stop and smell the stinking corpse lilies"

Sincere THANX to all our fans, friends and fellow rock'n'rollers that have made the past 25 years fly by like windshields toward a fly!

rawk owt with your gutz owt!

Matt Bug

If you would like to book Ded Bugs for rock'n'roll action, please contact our agent (us).


Matt Bug:
*Mastered the latest Middle Class Fashion album, "Jungle". It's fantastic! Check it out!
*Mixing two new Finn's Motel releases.
*Mixed/mastered the Whoa Thunder! album. Now available on Bandcamp here!
*Produced three singles for precocious tween/teen rock'n'rollers, Million Hits! All three available on iTunes here!
*Producing a full-length album for Soma Jet Set, a band led by E.J. Fitch, formerly of Treeweasels fame!
*Produced and mastered a full-length album for teenage rockers, Four Foot Skyscraper. Will be released via Bandcamp very soon!

Jeff Bug:
*Continuing to use his mad art skills to create toys that warp the minds and warm the hearts of children. His latest concoction? Defiants!

*Reading more books.
*Testing the limits of his very loud, very large, very new Kustom bass amp. It rules!

*Making America proud with his best friend, Dan-O in (you guessed it!) BassAmp & Dan-O!
*Randomly being cast into some unforeseen wild adventure at any given moment.

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